Dr. Jeremy Lopez is the Founder and President of www.identitynetwork.net and www.nowisyourmoment.com. 


He is an international teacher and motivational speaker.  He speaks on new dimensions of revelatory knowledge in scripture, universal laws, mysteries, patterns and cycles. He has a love for all people and desires to enrich their lives with love, grace and the mercy of God and to empower them to be successful. Dr. Lopez believes it is time to awake the Christ Conscious mind and live out the victorious life that was meant for us.  His desire is to live a life filled with purpose, potential, and destiny.  He ministers with a revelational prophetic teaching gift that brings a freshness of the word of the Lord to people everywhere.


He is the author of nationally published books, The Laws of Financial Progression, The Power of the Eternal Now and Releasing the Power of the Prophetic. He has also recorded over 45 teaching CDs.

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